What is The Grief Recovery Method® ?

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The Grief Recovery Method® is the only peer-reviewed, evidence-based program consisting of specifically designed steps to help you recover from a major loss.


- It helps grievers deal with those things they wish might have been different or better.

- It helps them address the words left unspoken and address the lost relationship that they thought would cause them pain for the rest of their lives.

- It helps you get past the pain and hold on to the good stuff. 

"It helped bring some finality to the pain and
I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me."

1:1 Support

The 1-on-1 format, online support or in person, is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible program that is genuinely for anyone willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves. The Grief Recovery Method® isn’t some theory; it’s proven effective for any type loss one may experience in life

I'm not going to tell you, “I know how you feel,” because I don’t. Neither does anyone else. What I will do is provide a safe environment where you will be given specific tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier life.

If you're ready to take the first (very brave) step to heal your broken heart, contact me to get started.  

"Releasing my loved one and the pain associated with our relationship was important work that needed to be done."
Arm Around Shoulder
"This would be a helpful process for others especially if like me, they've never done it before and only buried it and kept going."

How it Works

I will guide you through The Grief Recovery Method® using The Grief Recovery Handbook, so you will glean a clear understanding of what grief is. You will uncover any misinformation you may have learned about grief that could be contributing to some emotional and behavioral habits that have not served you well in your healing.


You will recognize that the losses we all experience when we are young can form our grief responses to future losses. The culmination of our time together will result in feeling complete with one or more losses. 


I realize that each person’s grief and healing journey is unique and individual for them, therefore, we may decide to include additional sessions when working one on one. My top priority is you and guiding you to a place of feeling emotional freedom from the pain of your loss(es).