Grief Journal

In this journal, you receive

  • 21 days of grief-specific journal prompts

  • 21 affirmations

  • Feelings list

It's been found that writing about your feelings can be very cathartic throughout the grieving process. Journaling is a proven coping tool for exploring grief and other complicated emotions.

Journaling helps short-circuit the chronic stress following traumatic events. Reconnecting and becoming more comfortable with suppressed memories calms the fear center of the brain, which is on overdrive during the grieving process.

You write about grief by just writing about where you are right now and how life has changed because of the loss you've suffered. You can also write about the ways the person or thing you've lost affected your life in a positive way. There is no right or wrong way to write about grief.


Benefits of Journaling:

  • manage anxiety

  • cope with depression

  • reduce stress

  • conquer fears and worries

  • identify negative thoughts and triggers

  • boost self-confidence

  • learn from experiences

  • help you sleep better

  • improving your mood

  • help you solve problems

  • process trauma & grief

Researchers have noted that writing about stressful events helps make sense of tragedy and can reduce distress. Long-term upset can increase your body’s level of stress hormones like cortisol, which weakens your immune system. Writing about distressing experiences lowers your cortisol levels and allows you to heal more quickly.


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