When Is It Time To Start Grief Recovery?

Have you ever heard someone say they will never get over losing someone? Is there any truth to that statement? The time it takes to heal varies person to person and there is no set time frame that will work for everyone. It also depends on the relationship that you had with the other person. Memories are what make us who we are; they provide a sense of comfort and familiarity.

As it turns out, what most people learn about grief isn’t correct. Time on its own doesn’t magically have the power to help. It may lessen the intensity of emotional pain, but it does not heal. What you do within that time is what matters. Action is the key to recovery.

So, when is the best time to begin Grief Recovery? The answer is different for everybody depending on the loss you’ve experienced and when you have the willingness to do it. Typically, it is recommended to begin as soon after the loss as possible.

Isn't it time you heal your broken heart?